A Great Books educational program

Our educational model is a classical, great books program that invites students into a community of learners who read well, think critically, and are able to have meaningful conversations with one another. Inspired by the Paideia model of education, we believe that every child can be educated, that all children are meant for a lifetime of learning and character formation, and that all children should be given the skills to learn and to work in the world.


Missionally driven

In addition to providing a rigorous education, our commitment is to our mission, which is to grow Christian leaders who will transform their community; this mission involves forming students and families in a pattern of Anglican study and prayer. Our community will have daily Morning and Evening Prayer, mid-week celebration of the Eucharist, and requisite attendance at Sunday worship. Students will have a religion class weekly, where they will learn the Scriptures, Christian doctrine and history, and Christian ethics.

Central to the faith formation at St. James School will be the commitment to fostering a culture of virtue, common responsibility, social grace, and service to others, especially the poor.


Bi-vocational structure and revenue

The Saint James Episcopal Church Farm School grows out of the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour. It is the effort for this church to be the church in a new way. Our mission is to be a community that proclaims the Good News of God in Christ by word and action. We believe the most effective way that we can do this is by being a bi-vocational church, by being a school from Monday-Friday, and a worshipping community on Sundays.

In neighborhoods like Pleasant Grove, it is difficult to raise enough money to afford a sustainable Christian mission. But Jesus came to bring good news especially to those who are poor. We are committed to a sustainable and thriving Episcopal Christian mission in Pleasant Grove. In order to make this possible, we anticipate five sources of funding:

Sliding-scale tuition dollars. Everyone must give something, but only what they can afford.

Ongoing stewardship from the church. The members of the church will continue to give sacrifically, and as the church grows, its ability to support its mission will grow.

Donors, especially those from throughout the Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. We will rely on the commitment of our fellow Christians to mission in this neighborhood.

Endowment money and grants. We will rely on interest from an endowment and hope to receive project-specific grants.

Volunteers. Every school family will be required to give of their time in service to our community, so that we do not have to hire certain kinds of support staff. Additionally, we will rely on the generous giving of time from church members here and throughout the diocese. A strong volunteer program will greatly reduce our operating costs.